Transmit high resolution video images straight from the camera streamed to a device called a Network Video Recorder (NVR). The camera is on the existing network meaning that each camera has IP addresses assigned to them. The images captured by the cameras are compressed and stored on a hard drive or flash drive via a wired setup through two-way Power over Ethernet CAT 5e / 6 cables or a wireless network.

Higher resolution

Analogue cameras are usually only 0.4 megapixels, whereas our HD IP cameras offer 4 megapixels – that’s 10 times the resolution offered by analogue cameras. Clearer picture with higher resolution means better evidence captured and fewer cameras required than traditional CCTV.

Unlimited scalability

IP based CCTV camera systems usually start small and are then grown as the needs of your home or business premises increases. There’s no limit to the number of IP cameras being added to a single network.

Cost effective

The internet is already in homes and businesses so IPcctv cameras take advantage of those networks, we will secure your network to ensure the highest levels of security.

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